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Fresh Roasted Gourmet Ultra Smooth Micro Batch

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"Like many college kids, I found myself working part time at a good independent coffee shop in Flagstaff, AZ. Here I was able to try every type of coffee and drink available to us and where I truly fell in love with the coffee bean in all its forms.

Upon first drink of Black River Coffee, however, I knew I was drinking a whole different level of coffee. I had never tasted any coffee so smooth and rich as BRC's custom blends. If you enjoy coffee at any level, please do yourself a favor and try Mike's products. You will not be disappointed!"

Dusty's review

"Black River Coffee has revolutionized my coffee drinking. The small batch processing with the layered roast levels makes for a depth of flavor, smoothness, and freshness I had never experienced before.

It's allowed me to enjoy coffee again with no heartburn, and it's delicious iced or Hot. Fantastic product, made a fantastic guy. But watch out, it's so good, you'll want to drink it all day long."

Matt's review

"I begin everyday with a cup of coffee and my favorite cups by far are brewed with Black River Coffee beans. All you need is a coffee bean grinder, a little bit of half and half, milk or creamer and Mike takes care of the rest."

Melanie's review

"Best coffee I've ever had...smooth and mild."

Ken's review

The Coffee Barn

Down at the Black River Coffee Barn

Our coffee journey started out as a hobby and turned into a passion for roasting and blending. Our friends enjoyed our coffee so much, they kept coming back for more. We roast out of a rustic barn, so your coffee is infused with the spirit of the Old West. It will give you the speed of Wild Bill Hickok and the resolve of Wyatt Earp. Actually you’ll shake like a leaf, but it will be worth every sip.

Thanks for stopping by,

Mike Baxter

Founder & Roaster Black River Coffee LLC